here is it's honey: it has dripped off, like a pollinator's prelude

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a commonplace ebook that embraces the sensitivity of adolescence, the last sip of Dr. Pepper, and waiting on milestones
"Not everything is flowers." This is a journal for those of us that didn't grow up on MySpace or Tumblr. This is a portfolio that refuses proper formatting and refuses to be forced into "maturity." Finally, this is a bee jar that won't shatter when dropped (in all seriousness, please don't put bees in a jar). Appealing to wishful sisterhoods and seasonal sun showers, expect tears alongside the curious whimsy of an ordinary person who happens to be good only at writing.
*both project name and tagline atop is a parody and an ode to the work of Sylvia Plath, the obvious allusion in nod of her novel The Bell Jar, and the latter being a line in her poem, Elm.
Bee One Bee Two Bee Three